Certification and quality

Certification and quality

The efforts of One-Too in the field of quality are seen on a daily basis and acknowledged by certification.
Product of such recognition, the company is not standing on its laurels, and is constantly increasing its standards to better meet the requirements of its customers.


Quality management and ISO 9001

Because One-Too is seeking excellence, the company’s methodology is based on a cycle of continuous performance and improvement.
Quality management means listening to the markets and recognising the challenges of the different industrial sectors concerned.

This approach is translated by its proven capacity to come up with solutions meeting both regulatory requirements and customer expectations. One-Too is constantly evaluating the performance of its products and procedures. It also reviews its goals to keep up with current realities.

The implementation of standard ISO 9001 requires extremely high standards, from design and development to after sales service, involving production and the eventual implementation of solutions.


Environmental management scheme: en route to ISO 14000

On a daily basis, One-Too implements a management system which seeks to control and minimise the impact on the environment of its operations. This measure therefore involves the taking into account of environmental impact in terms of practices, procedures and areas such as planning, organisation and the selection of resources.

Beyond labels: One-Too’s requirement to increase customer satisfaction

Certifications are a guarantee of quality, and a competitive tool which enables the choice of a trusted provider. One-Too does not nevertheless limit itself to this…The culture of responsibility


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