Identity card

Identity card

One-Too ideas and solutions for the transport industry reflect a strong, well maintained and open identity.
One-too is a history of aficionados, a story marked by figures and other benchmarks….but not only these.

One-Too in brief: a reminder

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A company with a global presence


A human adventure

The One-Too story can’t be reduced to figures, trophies and other such measurements - it is based on know-how of course, but it is also a question of values, self knowledge, a state of mind maintained by passionate teams. Well beyond the premises at Saint-Jeannet Les Plans, the adventure of this international SME is rich with excitement, sharing and exchanges of ideas. Subsidiaries, partners and customers join us to experience the adventure of a unique sense of professionalism, where the brains of the operation know how to keep their feet on the ground.


A state of mind at the service of effectiveness

While the Nice hinterland already offers excellent working conditions, One-Too does all it can to optimise the comfort and creativity of its employees. Offices and workshops are therefore developed around the famous Place Lou Cantoun. Recognised as a model for the social economy, this space for recreation and the exchange of ideas encourages corporate cohesion and provides a pleasant working environment.


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