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Newsletter Toomorrow

Welcome to TOOMORROW, One-Too’s six-monthly newsletter focusing on company, technical and business news, as well as a range of general topics, all brought to you under the masterful care of our professional journalist Philippe Tallois.


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The Editorial

"Qui non progeditur, regreditur…"*

We’ve got the figures, we’ve got the crisis, we haven’t got the policies, but, like Serge Gainsbourg said: "Sobbing on and on about it won’t change a thing…".

This downturn is fuelling a price war that is often being waged in the margins… the same margins that are a company’s only guarantee of survival.
So, how do we get out of it ? Gas ? Noose ? Gun ?
No - we have to fight our way out! But we have to be smart about it! We have to adapt, change.

One source, I would even call it a resource, is to leverage the intellectual, material, logistical, financial and other means that have been implemented.

They could be leveraged through partnerships or the ultimate development: external growth through the acquisition of skills, core trades or markets.

We have to be active, not reactive, if we’re to influence the environment we’re in and stay ahead of the pack, which is why we need to work together, focus our energies on a shared goal and prove that "The also-rans see the obstacles in their path; the winners have their eye on the goal".

*If you’re not going forwards, you’re going backwards.

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