To achieve its ambitions, One-Too relies on cutting edge material resources, but also on versatile teams which are highly reactive and integrated into a network of equally high performing partners.


Complementary experts for shared values

One-Too is an SME, a focus of know-how and skills which are expressed via 25 different profiles. Doctors, engineers, technicians and mechanics collaborate internally within the company’s different departments.

Passionate and demanding professionals, they rely on a tried and tested methodology which is expressed through key values, maintained over the years: ambition, candour and humility.

To response as suitably as possible to all issues, One-Too also relies on a strong partnership network, coordinated by a high performance co-contracting strategy.


An operational organisation

To better express their creativity and complementary nature, One-Too teams are spread across the 2,600 m² of workshops, laboratories and offices in the hinterland of Nice.


Increasingly better performing IT solutions

Both in terms of design and test measurements, One-Too’s demanding standards require a cutting edge computer pool and constantly evolving computer solutions. Currently, operational teams work on software such as :

  • Pro/Engineer
  • AutoCAD 
  • Solid Edge 

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