One-Too, is a company with a human face and a team comprising complementary personalities and skills in the service of performance. One-Too is therefore a range of specialisms, bringing together engineers, doctors, technicians and mechanics.

In the heart of the 2,600 m² One-Too premises on the Cote d’Azur, integrated into a strong, partnership-based network, 25 passionate employees cogitate, measure and test the solutions of tomorrow within the company’s different cells:

Research and development

  • Mechanical and electronic drawing office
  • Test laboratories
  • Prototype workshops
  • Industrial operations
  • Production and storage

The coordination and promotion of solutions

  • Administration and financial department
  • Marketing and communication
  • Marketing

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The OPPORT cell: experiences to be shared

OPPORT is a place for reflection where employees of the company can study opportunities for Promising Products. The very essence of the One-Too spirit, this framework seeks to anticipate the needs of customers and propose responses which are fully suited to the market. Because One-Too does not have a monopoly of good ideas, your suggestions and other ideas are welcome. So share your ideas and ask your questions via the contact form.


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