Sustainable development & Environment

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Sustainable development & Environment

Eco-design may be a trend, but for One-Too it is above all a conviction. Developing sustainable solutions by following respectful processes means working effectively and sustainably.

Eco-design: lasting responsibilities


Unavoidable, eco-design measures have ensured the durability of One-Too solutions for several years. Committing to sustainable development is not only a sign of the company’s corporate responsibility, but also a methodological imperative in terms of economic performance.

For One-Too, eco-design gels with traditional precepts: getting rid of the superfluous and useless.



Evolys II, eco-lifting for One-Too gearboxes

Evolys is the flagship range of One-Too gearboxes. The second version of this best-selling range boasts a new design in fully recyclable materials, with two screws instead of five, and the use of rechargeable batteries. The project has been supported by the ADEME.


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