The company

The company

Welcome to One-Too: the innovative solutions company

One-Too is a designer-manufacturer of solutions for all the transport industries.
Originally from the automobile sector, the company has a team made up of people who have a passion for the ongoing search for useful innovations and responses suited to the needs of users.

Certifications: the stamp of approval for One-Too quality

The efforts of One-Too in the field of quality are seen on a daily basis and acknowledged by certification.
Product of such recognition, the company is not standing on its laurels, and is constantly increasing its standards to better meet the requirements of its customers.   

One-Too solutions appreciated by the leading brand names

In over 40 years, One-Too has been able to extensively develop its network of collaborations to serve customers in the four corners of the world. As well as automobile constructors, equipment makers and tool makers, One-Too has been able to meet the needs of other industrial sectors, in particular in aeronautics.

One-Too, strategies for tomorrow

To continue developing solutions looking to the future, to continue providing the right solutions to current challenges, One-Too needs to adapt to a changing world. The company thus props its own values up with an essential feature: anticipating and expanding its networks.

40 years of passion and innovation

Once known as the SEEM, One-Too is proud of its past, with 40 years of innovation.
From professional awards to overcoming global crises, the company’s history is built on creation, passion and the meeting of minds.


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