Valuable innovation

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Valuable innovation

Innovating at One-Too is neither an obsession nor an end in itself. One-Too’s commitment is to innovate useful, to develop relevant solutions in order to better serve the interests of the users.


Innovating usefully, innovating fairly, innovating better

Innovation only makes sense when it is combine with performance, that is to say it optimises the results achieved from the resources it has available.

The ups and downs of the current company highlight the limits to the idea of accumulation. What is more, this is rarely better.
At One-Too, the concept of innovation and perfection find particular resonance in the words of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry:

It appears that perfection is reached not when there is no more to add, but when there is nothing more to deduct”.

Perfection means the right balance, which offers a high level of effectiveness by reducing the unnecessary.


Useful innovation: more than products, solutions

Innovation is not a standard - it may take a range of forms. It is often a good idea, thought out in depth, well worked, proven…but it is above all a response to problems.

In fact, innovating does not mean creating requirements, and you don’t need to do anything new to innovate. For One-Too, innovation only makes sense when it is really useful.

In the company, teams do not manufacture mere products. They are creative and ingenious; they find solutions, offer the relevant services, develop new procedures or assess new organisational methods. Innovation is the fruit of a process, suggestions, trials, tests and measurements.

Are you seeking an intelligent service, well thought out for users? Useful tools for precise operations and targeted actions?
Discover the catalogue of useful One-Too solutions

Amédée, a symbol of useful innovation

An homage to Amédée Gordini, Amédée is a system for controlling thermal engine cylinder heads.
•    A tool aimed at mechanologues: automobile specialists who carry out analyses before carrying out a surgical intervention.
•    A secure tool equipped with the ISO Kit, comprising a manometer and a nozzle
•    A savings tool which participates in the fight against waste. It extends the life of repairable engines rather than replacing them.


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