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A company cannot survive 40 years in the industry without values, without a strong identity, committed to and enriched by willing personalities. One-Too, in two words, it's the solid balance between humility and ambition, it’s a standard which is based on special relations with clients and partners. It combines candour, loyalty and confidentiality.


Ambition, the spirit of competition

Competition is part of One-Too’s genes. For years, the company has been behind some of the best sporting performances, where it has been recognised. For One-Too, competition is synonymous with health and positive values.

For numerous years, One-Too has chosen to support champions in their adventures and challenges:

  • Stéphane Ortelli : since 2003, One-Too has shared the passion and experience of this champion. The winner of the 24 Heures du Mans, Stéphane boasts over 50 victories, 70 podiums and 2 World Championships under his belt

  • 7 adventure spots: sportsmen of all levels and all ages who share human values: solidarity, friendship and a commitment to effort. They participated in the Raid Canéo for a 170-hour race !

  • PSA 2011 sailing challenge: the crew of the PSA boat was proud to host the One-Too colours

  • Lybian challenge : in 2008, One-Too was a partner of this extreme course, in particular providing assistance trucks. The President himself got his shirt wet !

  • The historic Monte-Carlo Rally : a partnership with Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7

Humility : being ready to question ourselves

One-Too's methodology, through quality management measures implemented throughout each project, enables its quest for excellence. Nevertheless, know-how, the technical skills and cutting-edge knowledge of markets cannot replace the requirements  of forward thinking by an ambitious company. Also, the successes of tomorrow are based mainly on the capacity to listen to customers, but also personnel and providers.

Along the same lines, the company is constantly developing a partnership strategy to delegate that which it cannot do itself.

With One-Too, trust must be impeccable. It is a true professional commitment, that of confidentiality, candour and loyalty, as it is by expressing the limits of its skills that long-term relations are developed.

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