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Objective way of scoring the customer’s subjective perception when shifting gears
(onboard / fixed bench)

one-too ref. : BPSBG00                                                                                                                                                        

  • Quantifies and analyzes the forces and movements of the gearshift lever on three axes in a driving situation
  • Manipulating the joystick characterizes, if necessary, the user’s subjective feelings during the test (information assigned to the acquired data)
  • Backup to a PCMCIA card of all test data in digital form for graphical posttreatment on PC.
  • The post-treatment software allows analyzing the acquired data


Technical specifications :

Multi trademarksno : Renault
Precision12-bit resolution — side band amplitude of 200 mm
Display62 x 44 mm LCD screen - dia logs with interactive pulldown menus
Measuring rangeFrom 0 to 150 N (forces) – sampling frequency from 200 Hz to 1.6 Khz
Power supply12 V + backup battery
AutonomyAnti micro power cutoff in ternal battery
Avg. op. time.1 ½ h / PCMCIA 16 Mb
Dimensions550 x 365 x 185 mm (acquisition rack)
Other elementsPost-treatment software included
ConfigurationAcquisition rack
Instrumentation case (3D polar sensor, hinged plate, telescopic cane,
3D force sensor, articulated suction cup)
Calibration case (standard weights, orientable support and
reference 3-axes structure (trihedron))
Analysis software
PackagingIn anti shock cases (calibration case on casters)


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