Tailored solutions for original equipment manufacturers and the after market

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One-Too: A unique partner

For over half a century, One-Too has been an indispensable partner of major players in industry. One-Too is committed to useful innovation and designs and manufactures purpose-made connected solutions in France for Industry 4.0.

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50 years' experience
Automotive tools and industrial metrology
50 years' experience

For over half a century, in partnership with major automotive and component manufacturers, One-Too has been offering innovative solutions in the design and manufacture of automotive tools and industrial metrology.

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Global development
One-Too exports to over 80 countries
Global development

The innovations of One-Too benefit industry across the world! Our solutions go beyond borders to address and adapt to the needs of markets on all continents.

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Certification and quality
A very stringent internal process
Certification and quality

In order to guarantee high-quality services, we have ISO 9001 certification. Our design and manufacturing processes thus comply with very strict standards.

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Synergy of competencies for solutions of the future in Design, R&D, Manufacture, Test, Maintenance and Assembly

At One-Too, we do not just manufacture products. We draw on our creativity and intelligence to find solutions, offer relevant services, develop new processes and assess new modes of organisation. Innovation is the fruit of a complete process, with suggestions, tests and measurements.


Useful innovation. Solutions made in France for all industries.

With half a century of operations and innovations in collaboration with the major players in the automobile market and then in aviation, One-Too has become a condensate of expertise. That expertise enables us to successfully adapt our solutions to a number of markets.

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The most flexible torque wrench in the market

Moment Alpha is a range of connected solutions that make it possible to put in place tightening strategies for maintenance, production and quality control operations. Moment Alpha solutions are designed to give their users maximum flexibility, connectivity (protocols), precision (ISO 6789-1-2017), traceability and usability. Discover the concept, like none otherin the world, which has revolutionised the market for controlled tightening.

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The expert in wiring and electrical harnesses

Contact Azur is a company from the French riviera that became a subsidiary of One-Too in 2011. The company manufactures solutions for wiring and electrical harnesses in small and medium production runs. It has expertise in cutting, stripping, crimping, over moulding, assembly of connectors of all types etc.

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