Electrical diagnosis

Perform a reliable and secure electrical diagnosis

Some of the main electrical diagnosis solutions

Universal terminal box with up to 252 channels that can detect problems in the electrical circuit of a vehicle. The Connect terminal box from One-Too is connected between the control unit and the vehicle harnesses to test electrical signals and values. Advantages: Quality of analysed signals; elimination of the need to look for wire numbers; elimination of manipulation errors; time saved. The Connect terminal box has been developed in accordance with the repair methods of the car manufacturer. Tool approved by Peugeot, Citroen, KTM, Honda, Isuzu.

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Branch harnesses

After it is connected to the control unit via the terminal box, the branch bundle makes it possible to measure the following electrical signals by branching: Euro 6, ABS, passenger compartment, etc. Developed. Since each type of car has different connectors, One-Too custom-designs branch harnesses based on the repair methods of the automobile manufacturer.

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Discap ®

Electrical discharge tool for the ultra-capacitor fitted on STT stop-start systems. This tool must be used during any operation involving the removal of a component, in order to eliminate risks relating to their transfer and the risks of sparks during accidental short circuits. The Discap discharges the UCAP by thermal dissipation and informs the operator that the UCAP is fully discharged. The final voltage is less than or equal to 0.5 volt. The Discap was developed in collaboration with the PSA group as part of their new STT/DMTC technology and is protected by a PSA patent.

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Voltage detector

Our voltage detectors provide sound and luminous indication and have been designed in accordance with standard EN 61243-3, to address the requirements of the new standard NF C18-510 and the European Standard 50110-1. In addition to voltage detection, these tools are used for testing voltage levels in AC and DC systems, testing the continuity of a dead circuit, single-pole phase identification, polarity search in a DC circuit, or phase order identification. Download the complete equipment catalogue for work on electric and hybrid vehicles.

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Insulation tester

As in any other electrical installation, electrical conductors are insulated in cars for reasons relating to proper operation and safety. Sometimes, it may happen that insulator quality is deteriorated, leading to problems with varying degrees of severity. That is why it is crucial to verify the quality of such insulation, particularly with new or renovated vehicles, and to carry out regular measurements. One-Too insulation testers are perfectly suited to such work.

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For more information on electrical diagnostics or for a specific development request tailored to your business, our experts are at your disposal.

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