A design department with expertise in mechanical engineering and industrial automation

One-Too, solutions made in France for all industries

One-Too solutions are studied, designed, assembled and tested in France. Our after-sales service department is also based in France and managed by experts, in order to guarantee follow-up and support of the highest quality.


The experience of the company gives it a comprehensive view of the whole automotive industry: from design laboratories to deconstruction, One-Too leverages the quality of its analyses, consulting and support to serve original equipment makers and also independent repairers and after-sales networks. For several years now, One-Too has been widening its circle of references by participating in industrial projects in other areas such as aviation, mechanical engineering, energy, railways etc.

The One-Too touch

At One-Too, we do more than just manufacture products. We draw on our creativity and intelligence to find solutions, offer relevant services, develop new processes and assess new modes of organisation.


For us, innovation is the fruit of a complete process, with suggestions, tests and measurements. As a testament to our strong personality, some of our partners even go so far as to speak of the “One-Too touch” when our teams find solutions for their needs.

Half a century of experience

Our know-how: designing and manufacturing a tailored solution to address the issues described by a customer. To that end, the company has a dedicated design office and half a century of experience in the design and manufacture of innovative tools.


One-Too offers the benefit of being a single interlocutor with a strong position and experience that enables it to have a systemic view of each project and be present at each stage: design, models, prototyping, tests, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and training, and also after-sales service.

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Areas of competency

The strength of One-Too lies in the diverse and complementary competencies available within the company. Our design and R&D engineers are experts in mechanical engineering, electronics, assembly, industrial automation, pneumatics, optics, acoustics and electrical assembly. Those competencies have been widely used and combined for designing and manufacturing One-Too products. That is what enables us to study a very wide variety of projects and provide customised solutions, both for simple tools and for complex and automated mechatronics.

Industrial automation
A few examples of creations derived from One- Too synergy...
Install Auto®

Automated machine for installing belts on production lines. This machine has called for competencies in both mechanical engineering and electronics. It is being used in factories across the world, and a new version is redesigned every time a new engine is released.

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Moment Alpha®

The electronic torque wrench  for screwed assembly, which is a perfect mix of metrology, electronic and mechanical engineering, and uses leading-edge software that is connected to an intuitive user interface. Today, it is deployed with renowned aviation and automobile manufacturers, and continues to excite interest in the market.

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Electronic sonometer that can identify engine noises thanks to acoustic technology. The product is now approved by many major automotive manufacturers in France and elsewhere.

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Tyre pressure monitoring system

One-Too TPMS, which helps analyse tyre pressure during production in the factory using an optical tyre pressure sensor and integrated software. Solutions for original equipment and the after market are now being rolled out all over the world.

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… and other fine achievements

which uses displacement and angle sensors to express in objective figures the subjective sensation of gear changes in order to improve users’ driving experience. This complex technology is the fruit of a balanced combination of mechanical engineering, electronics and industrial automation.

One-Too alignment adjustment bench,

automated machine for adjusting automotive wheel alignment that uses optical sensors.    

One-Too running bench,

to measure the performance of a vehicle in dynamic conditions, which is also automated and mechanised.

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