Of measurement tools for the automotive, aerospace and all industries

One-Too has been operating and innovating for half a century. First in its historic industry, that of automotive manufacturing, and then in ever more diversified markets. The strength of One-Too solutions lies in their ability to adapt to different markets and activities.

Automotive manufacturing

Historic expertise to serve your performance

This is the historic market of One-Too, and there is nothing about the automotive industry our experts do not know. Since 1971, we have been designing and manufacturing tailored tools for measuring and acquiring physical quantities, to address your production and maintenance requirements.   Over the decades and during the many collaboration projects with the largest players in the French and global automotive market, One-Too engineers have designed products that meet a variety of needs: installing belts and measuring belt tension, locating noises and leaks, tyre pressure monitoring systems, pressure measurement, sealing tests, cylinder head tests, angle torque wrenches etc. These products, which were purpose-designed for each customer, were then enthusiastically adopted by the automobile market as whole.


Offering you absolute reliability and safety

Since 2001, One-Too has been designing and manufacturing tightening products that are particularly designed for the aviation industry. Today, these products make up the Moment Alpha® range and are being used by an increasing number of the engineers of major market players.   In mechanical engineering in general and in aviation in particular, each detail must be optimised to guarantee the safety of the billions of passengers who travel by air every year. Moment Alpha angle torque wrenches are designed to offer optimum reliability and safety during the assembly process and quality control, and allow data traceability. Discover our range of angle torque wrenches for production and quality control, and our Visa calibrating benches.

Industrial maintenance

Measurements, tracing, guarantees and assurance

Manufacturing standards and requirements are developing at great speed. With its testing and measuring solutions, One-Too guarantees the reliability of your maintenance operations and offers your customers optimum safety.

Other sectors

Energy, railway, agricultural etc.

The quality of our expertise is based on 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of innovative automotive solutions. The synergy of our skills and the diversity of our knowledge has allowed us to develop our activity in other sectors, particularly in the aeronautical field. We know today that this expertise is at the service of all industries, whatever the field of activity: energy, railway, agricultural, naval etc.