Equipment for hybrid and electric vehicles

Working safely on hybrid and electric vehicles

New equipment and training obligations are emerging in workshops. With its partner Catu, One-Too offers a range of products for working on electric and hybrid vehicles:
Personal and collective protective equipment (PPE-CPE)

Protective goggles, face shields, helmets, head lamps, insulating gloves (electrical and/or mechanical resistance), under gloves, insulating boots, insulating over shoes, insulating safety shoes, pneumatic tester, protective boxes and cases, insulating blankets, sleeves, clamps, mats, straps, insulating aprons, anti arc flash suits, multi-risk parka, rescue sticks etc.

Insulated equipment and accessories

Sockets, kits and cases, torque wrenches, end fittings, spanners, screwdrivers, pliers, mirrors, mallets, brushes, knives, bags, toolboxes etc.

Signage and locking out of the working area

signage plates, aluminium metal boards, labels, work barriers, markers, demarcating chains, barrier tape, covers for wheel, locking out cabinets, locking out padlocks, electrical or pneumatic connector locks, cabinets for locks, machine control locks etc.

Low voltage tests and measurements

voltage detectors, voltage testers, contact antennas for voltage detectors, infrared thermometers, safety cordons, safety touch tips, storage bags and cases, back packs, multi-pocket bags, bags for insulating mats etc.


Roaming HEV, demarcating kits, accident kits, HEV PPE kits, fire extinguishers, insulated equipment kits, Loto HEV kits.