Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS)

Control of tyre pressure sensors for original equipment manufacturers or the after market

Original equipment solutions
Airsonic Auto ®

Automatic industrial acquisition solution with smart TPMS valves and transmission of wheel identifiers to the plant network.

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Airsonic Mobile ®

Portable industrial equipment for valve acquisition and programming, with transmission of information to the vehicle control unit.

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After market solutions
Testair ®

Testair® is an transmission receiver that “wakes up” and “listens” to tyre pressure sensors on the halted vehicle in a few seconds. It can also test infrared high-frequency remote controls such as key signals for central car door locks.


Testair® is universal and compatible with most known sensors (433 MHz). Testair® has been designed to withstand use in a workshop environment, with impacts, falls, and repair solvents. It has also been designed to be easy to control by the user.

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Recordair ®

Forcer, receiver and reprogrammer of identifiers of under-inflation detectors in the control unit.

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