Specialised tooling

Designing and manufacturing tailored tools and components

Such solutions may for instance include:
Engine diagnosis tools using pressure and compression measurements

That is so of our Amédée system, which is a multifunctional device for inspecting the cylinder heads of petrol, diesel and gas engines for predictive maintenance, diagnosis and investigations.

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Gearbox adjustment

One-Too has designed the MEPV, which offers an objective means to quantify the subjective perception of the driver when they change gears (on-board/fixed bench). The MEPV converts subjective sensations into figures: it quantifies and analyses the effort and movements of the gear lever over three axes in driving situations.

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Cylinder sealing testers

The One-Too Scan Air tests and measures sealing at the heads of petrol and diesel engine cylinders by locating the source of any faulty sealing (inlet or exhaust valve, segment, cylinder head etc.) using a stethoscope.

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Battery test tools,
with Veribat
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Injector sealing tests

One-Too bottles are used to measure the difference in the injector return flow from each cylinder and any internal leaks.

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Tailor-made for your needs

From the start, One-Too has been designing and manufacturing specialised solutions and tooling that adapt to the requirements of each customer. The solution may be a complex system or a simple tool or a part that will be used for making or assembling a product. Our engineers study your requirements in a dedicated designing office. They endeavour to address your specific production needs, for all your projects in mechanical engineering, electricity, electronics and industrial automation. We are committed to offering high-quality products, controlled costs, and the shortest lead time. Many specialised tools have been designed and manufactured by One-Too to cover a specific need: pulley lock, bottles, positioning block, axle loader, positioning gauge, elastic belt installer, elastic belt remover, hydraulic pump diagnosis tool, branch harnesses, fluotest, airbag wiring, pressure gauge, sphere pump, sensometer, sonoscope, terminal box etc.

For more information about our range of specialised tools or a request for a specific development suited to your business, please contact us. Our experts are at your disposal and will be glad to suggest solutions in the shortest time for the best price.

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