moment ALPHA

The innovative range of controlled clamping for production, maintenance and quality control operations

“What is the point of having several expensive torque wrenches when one will do the job?”


A single handle for controlled tightening over a range from 0.5 Nm to 1000 Nm using dedicated accessories, while guaranteeing reliable measurements in accordance with ISO 6789. A single tool for measuring torque while monitoring the angle, measuring the angle while monitoring the torque, or residual torque. In addition to being flexible and easy to use, the Moment Alpha® electronic angle torque wrench can be connected very easily to the company network to allow optimum traceability of results.

The Moment Alpha solution is made up of the following:

a handle : which is both strong and lightweight, and usable in screwdriver and wrench mode, connected to a touch UI that may be fixed or mobile;


integrated software: different pieces of software are available depending on the business and needs, with tightening strategies that may be preprogrammed or entirely configurable in a few seconds. The software makes it possible to instantly identify tightening data by means of a touch interface, save them by logging into the user’s server and analyse them (curves, data in Excel format etc.);


accessories: extensions, mechanical breaks and adapters, all automatically detected by the Moment Alpha® handle, allowing tightening with torque from 0.5 Nm to 1000 Nm.

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Product ranges
Electronic angle torque wrenches

The Moment Alpha torque wrench created by One-Too in 2001 makes it possible to measure the torque and angle in real time while tightening a screw or a nut over a torque range from 0.5 Nm to 1000 Nm. Usable in wrench and screwdriver mode, it combines the benefits of a torque wrench with those of a torque screwdriver. Thanks to the integrated software and an advanced ergonomic user interface (on tablet or case), the user can easily programme a tightening strategy and/or start the program suitable for their activity in no more than two seconds. The tool shows the tightening results in real time, along with the curves and screwing action carried out. The Moment Alpha electronic torque wrench communicates with the company server in order to save all the tightening data on a PC. That makes it possible to accurately control the work carried out, trace operations and analyse results.

The Moment Alpha® make offers a number of kits depending on the customer’s needs:
Production kit

designed for large factories and assembly lines. The unit can be connected to different accessories in its environment (barcode reader, serial printers, PLCs etc.) and the company network, to create a true industrial tightening station. It enables the production manager to put in place tightening strategies remotely and ahead of time. Thus, the operator only follows instructions on the monitor. The data are retrieved remotely in real time for storage and analysis.

Quality kit

which has the benefits of the Production kit and incorporates strategies specific to quality control: residual torque, creation of dedicated programs, detailed analyses, etc. This kit is ideal for quality control technicians, who can carry out their inspections and track the results on the UI of the touch tablet supplied in the kit.

MRO Start kit

Ideal for repair workshops and small production companies, with simplified menus and programs and the possibility to install the UI on any Android device. Simplicity and speed are the watchwords of this solution, which aims to offer an alternative to the mechanical wrench with a Vernier scale.

MRO Premium kit

More complete than the MRO Start, this solution enables the operator to create more complex tightening programs for quality control (residual torque etc.) and benefit from a UI on a touch tablet, to be freer to move about. Perfectly suitable for small companies or contractors providing industrial maintenance.

Extensions, breaks, adapters

The Moment Alpha handle is the intelligent part of the wrench. It communicates with the software incorporated into the UI, in order to put in place tightening programs and send all the tightening information to the user’s server. In order to cover a tightening range of 0.5 Nm to 1000 Nm, the Moment Alpha® handle can adapt easily to several adapters, extensions and breaks created specially for it. The handle can work alone, in wrench or screwdriver mode, and tighten in the clockwise and anticlockwise directions. To adapt to the specific needs of each operator, Moment Alpha® has developed a set of mechanical breaks and extensions, which are all automatically detected by the torque wrench.

Adapter 40 Nm
Adapter 60 Nm
Extension 100 Nm
Extension 200 Nm
Extension 400 Nm
Extension 600 Nm
Extension 1 000 Nm
Mechanical break extension 25 Nm
Mechanical break extension 50 Nm
Mechanical break extension 100 Nm
Mechanical break extension 150 Nm
Mechanical break extension 200 Nm
Mechanical break extension 340 Nm

For more information about the characteristics and features and to tell us about your particular needs, please contact our experts.

Moment Alpha®, twenty years of expertise and innovation at your service.

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Visa test and calibration benches

Moment Alpha® is also the solution for reliably controlling the calibration of tightening equipment, thanks to the Visa® test bench. The Visa® is a device for inspecting the proper calibration of tightening equipment, with an adjustment facility. It has a dual-sensor torque tester. These sensors can be personalised to suit the customer’s needs over a range from 0 Nm to 1000 Nm.   The other benefits include:

  • Management of your tool base, with up to 10,000 screwing tools (and more if needed)
  • Large data storage capacity for traceability (up to 100,000 results stored)
  • 7-inch touch screen to view results and curves
  • Open-ended accessories range

For more information about the characteristics and features and to tell us about your particular needs, please contact our experts.

Our Innovations in 2023

During the Paris Air Show, One-too announced the launch of its latest torque tool, the «Moment Alpha Screwdriver».
Based on the «Too-one»  technology, this tool is designed for many sectors of activity, such as railway, energy industry or medical. Offering flawless traceability and accuracy from 0.03 to 10 Nm, the Moment Alpha Screwdriver is on the verge of revolutionizing low torque tightening.
It was at the Equip’Auto show in Lyon that we presented our latest Moment Alpha application, «TORK & ROLL».
Tightening the wheels on a vehicle is meticulous operation requiring control of the torque applied, in order to preserve the safety of the user. This is why we have developed a solution to guide the operator and ensure a respected tightening.

Reason for the accurate measurement of torque and angle ?

Tightening is believed to be something ordinary, but in fact, it involves high technology” says Jean-Pierre Marlier, the man behind the Moment Alpha® brand and founder of One-Too. It is ordinary because it is a routine operation that is carried out hundreds of times. But it uses high technology because tightening must be measured, controlled and very precise to guarantee optimum safety and reliability.

With good reason:
  • inadequate tightening leads to the risk of shearing or the screw or nut coming loose due to engine vibrations;
  • Excess tightening leads to the risk of the screw or nut breaking, combined with damage to the assembly.
In both cases, there is a risk of breaking that could be fatal to your business and the safety of your customers and end users.

That is why we have developed our Moment Alpha® solution, entirely in line with our recommendations to users: programme, measure, control and log.

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Our solutions are appreciated by automotive and aviation technicians working on production assembly lines, quality control and maintenance and repair operations (MRO). Overall, Moment Alpha solutions are perfectly suited to all industries that include screwed assemblies in their production process.


This is the history of a pioneering range, which is the result of the great tradition of tailored innovations of One-Too. As with all the products designed and manufactured by One-Too in half a century, Moment Alpha® was born out of the need stated by one of our customers from Formula 1 racing at the end of the 1990s.

Our role turned out to be decisive, in view of all the requirements of that sport, particularly in terms of performance, reliability and safety.


The need stated by the customer ? Finding a tool that is as reliable as it is precise and compact, that can reach into the narrowest part of the car and offers the possibility to implement one or more tightening strategies at the elastic limit of materials.

At the time, it was very difficult to grasp that elastic limit precisely; screwing was carried out approximately in the absence of suitable tools. But in motor sports, precision is a decisive factor for claiming victory. One-Too was able to rise to the challenge with all its employees.


The very first flexible angle torque wrench in the market After several hundreds of hours spent with their thinking caps on, our designers were proud to release the first flexible electronic angle torque wrench in the market in 2001, named Moment Alpha®.

While the Moment Alpha® solution has developed further since then, its ancestor already had all the key features to which it owes its success today: a compact, rugged and lightweight wrench connected to an ergonomic user interface (UI) that can cover a wide measurement range in screwdriver and wrench modes, using dedicated accessories.


The product appealed to F1 and the WRC: Moment Alpha® allows them to optimise the tightening of the different components of the vehicle. As the collaboration went on, the solution developed and even acquired new markets such as aviation, particularly for jet engine assembly.Today, Moment Alpha® is a range and a fully-fledged make.

With products and software adapted to each need, Moment Alpha® covers maintenance, production and quality control and is suited to all companies that carry out assembly as part of their production process.