Our solutions

Of measurement tools in original equipment and aftermarket

Belt tension

Adjusting the tension of a belt, installing an elastic belt, as original equipment or in the after market

Belt tension is the historic business of One-Too. We are known and recognised all over the world as experts in belt adjustment and tension and the assembly of elastic belts, for all types of engines. Whether for original equipment being manufactured on assembly lines or in after-sales networks that handle maintenance and repairs, our solutions have been appealing to major manufacturers in France and the world.

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Torque and angle wrench

Innovative connected torque wrenches offer solutions for controlled tightening

The Moment Alpha torque wrench created by One-Too in 2001 makes it possible to measure the angle and torque in real time while tightening a screw or a nut. The Moment Alpha range addresses market needs, both during assembly and ex post inspections of assemblies and traceability of operations, thanks to its data logging and transfer capability. Moment Alpha has revolutionised the market: a single angle torque wrench that is lightweight and rugged, and capable of tightening in screwdriver and wrench mode, over a range of 0.5 to 1000 Nm. The key is connected to a dedicated interface (fixed screen or tablet) in order to view results, curves and screwing action. Moment Alpha is also the solution for inspecting the calibration of tightening equipment.

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Electrical diagnosis

Reliable and safe electrical diagnosis

Automotive vehicles have changed over the years, to become more complex and thus include a large number of electrical components. These incorporate ever more sensors and control units that manage the whole electrical architecture of the vehicle. At One-Too, we design tailored solutions to allow professionals to easily diagnose the electrical system reliably and safely, both for the operator and the vehicle

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Noise and leak detection

A sonometer and other noise (NVH) locating solutions

The issue of noise in everywhere in the automotive industry. While some manufacturers put much effort into the sound made by their engines, they also go to great lengths to remove harmful and unwanted noise. In order to meet that quality requirement, One-Too has developed a solution that helps locate the noises made by a vehicle. This solution is very useful for the purpose of maintenance and repairs, particularly for the automotive industry, and helps operators save considerable time by making it unnecessary to remove some or all the components of the vehicle. Our solution also makes it easier to identify the defective part.

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Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS)

Control of tyre pressure sensors for original equipment manufacturers or the after market

Since 2014, new vehicles in Europe are required to have a tyre pressure monitoring system, also known as a TPMS. The system is located in the valve of a tyre rim, and may be activated with the help of a suitable tool. One-Too did not wait for that to happen to offer its professional customers the tools they need! Since 2002 and the Protoctair, One-Too has been designing and manufacturing solutions for waking up the tyre pressure sensors in original equipment and after sales

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Specialised tools

Designing and manufacturing tailored tools and components

The range of specialised tools includes all the tools that address a very particular need and purpose-designed solutions developed for our customers.

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Wiring and electrical harnesses

Cutting, stripping, crimping, over moulding, assembly… all tailored to your needs

The expertise of One-Too encompasses one field that has made it hugely successful with automotive manufacturers. The making of electrical harnesses is a major activity for One-Too, so much so that in 2011, it bought out a manufacturing company specialised in wiring and electrical harnesses: Contact Azur.

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Equipment for HEVs

Working safely on hybrid and electric vehicles

Electric cars are the future of the automobile industry. Their advent has created new concerns, new traffic requirements and new safety issues. The whole industry needs to adapt to sweeping changes.

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Repair workshop equipment

Workshop equipment, tool storage systems, high-pressure hydraulic systems and presses

One-Too is the exclusive partner and distributor in France of Werner-Weitner, a German manufacturer of premium repair workshop equipment since 1968.

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