Expert in custom wiring and harnesses

Contact Azur is a company founded in 1983 on the French riviera, which works on issues relating to wiring and electrical harnesses. It has expertise in cutting, stripping, crimping, over moulding and assembly of connectors of all types. Contact Azur became a subsidiary of One-Too in 2011.

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Contact Azur supports customers in their projects from start to finish.

From the preparation of drawings if necessary up to final product delivery, Contact Azur offers technical solutions and advice to support customers in the manufacturing engineering of their projects. Whether it is for prototypes or small, medium or large runs, all the tools are developed internally for greater flexibility.

Machinery and tools

Thanks to its efficient plant and machinery and its ability to design and make its own tools, Contact Azur knows how to optimise its production processes to offer customers high-quality service, with reliable cost and lead time commitments.


Responsiveness, close customer relations and accessibility are the strengths of Contact Azur, which aims to build a lasting relationship that is based on QCD. As part of the French’Fab movement, Contact Azur carries out all its production in France, in its workshop in Carros in southern France.

Certifications ISO 9001 and IATF 16949

Contact Azur guarantees the reliability of its processes through the standard ISO 9001. ISO/TS 16949 also enables Contact Azur to address the specific needs of the automotive market, with the design of on-board systems.