Certified expert and rewarded in industrial metrology

Certifications and Memberships

One-Too is particularly committed to the quality of the

products and services we supply every day to our customers.

That is why we have put in place an internal process to

guarantee such quality at every stage of the work of the company.

Quality management and ISO 9001

Because One-Too is striving for excellence, the methodology of the company is supported by a cycle of continual improvement and efficiency. Quality management entails being receptive to markets, and recognising the requirements of the different industries concerned.


That approach is reflected by the proven ability to produce solutions that meet both regulatory requirements and the needs of customers. One-Too continuously assesses the performance of its products and procedures. It also reviews its goals to make sure they are appropriate for the realities of the time.
The implementation of the ISO 9001 standard entails very stringent requirements from design and development up to after-sales service, including production and the possible installation of solutions.


Because a company is also a social player, One-Too is closely involved in the

local business fabric, and equally in networks and national federations.

To share experience, work together to create or maintain entrepreneurial

momentum, One-Too and its representatives are now members of:

Association of Partners for the Promotion of Industry in the Mediterranean region.
Automotive standardisation office, which promotes a standardisation policy that is oriented towards international markets, while setting up a French standardisation programme.
French college of metrology, which aims to disseminate good practices in measurement and metrology in all industrial areas
European Garage Equipment Association, which is the European chapter of the GIEG
Federation of vehicle equipment industries, which represents the interests of companies in the field, raises the profile of the industry and coordinates collective promotion in international markets.
Group of industries for garage equipment, which is the industry section of the FIEV.
Automotive training institute of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nice Côte d'Azur. Students work alongside One-Too on the designing of the tools they will use in future.
This is the pooled innovation platform (PFMI) for mechanical engineering of the Investment for the future programme (PIA) managed by the General Commission for Investment (CGI).
This is a non-profit voluntary organisation that brings together companies specialised in instrumentation, measurement and connected activities with the aim of reinforcing the competitiveness of companies by addressing their development needs.
It brings together a community of nearly 600 members made up of businesses and research and educational institutions, mostly from the sectors of safety and environmental protection and the aerospace industry.
Union of manufacturers of automotive components and parts.
Credit institution for financing businesses in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.
Industry organisation of creators of industrial solutions
Union of metallurgy trades and industries, which promotes the interests of the companies in the industry.
Union for enterprise in the Alpes Maritimes, which brings together representatives from local businesses and industries.

The company is small in size, but makes up for that in creativity and originality: One-Too has been making a strong impression since 50 years. Many awards attest to that fact, both in the area of technological innovation and in those of social economy, ethics and communication.


Innovation Award

One-Too was awarded the Nominated prize in the Repair & category for its Moment Alpha® torque wrench.


One-Too Star of Innovation at Equip Auto with AudioBox®


Ranked fifth  for its publicity action by a private organisation.


Second MIEC Innovation prize  for the range of Evolys II units.


Montgolfier prize  awarded to Jean-Pierre Marlier by the  Mechanical Arts Committee.


Jean-Pierre Marlier won the

Enterprise Trophy for Economy


Prize and national trophy for Initiative in Social Economy won by Lou Cantoun, the break area of the company.


Ethicum Certificate of Merit, which rewards companies for their management of relations with the parties  that make them up and those around them.


Special prize from the panel for the Quality Trophy of the enterprise forum of Alpes-Maritimes.


Innovation prize

of the Equip’Auto fair for Gulp, the first suction drainer.