Competent teams at your service


One-Too is made up of several interdependent teams that collaborate on a daily basis to offer high-quality service to customers.

Sales team

Our sales engineers are true experts in their field; their in-depth knowledge of the market put them in a position to appreciate the needs of their interlocutors. For each business unit, they provide valuable advice and analyses.

Administrative team and sales coordination

This is the key department of the company. It acts as the intermediary between all the internal and external stakeholders of each project. They ensure that procedures are applied and contribute to communication between departments. They represent the customer within the company, and the company vis-à-vis outside parties. Nothing can be left to chance to achieve the stringent standards we set for ourselves.

Design team

The convergence of the competencies of each designing engineer, regardless of the field, have always been enabling One-Too to develop tailored solutions adapted to customers’ needs.

Production team

It includes experienced employees who have been working for years in our factory on the assembly of all our tools, and they also guarantee customers our best service standards.

Purchasing team

Purchasing and procurements play a crucial role in our overall process. The department addresses overall concerns to better support the development of the company, in a QCD approach: high-quality services for a controlled cost, with the shortest possible delivery time.

Quality team

They guarantee the implementation of all the procedures put in place to secure our processes and comply with the ISO 9001 standard, for which we have certification. They also take care of informing customers, partners and suppliers of our values and commitments to standards (CE, ROHS, REACH etc.), and making sure that they are fulfilled.